Chicken Scratch Fever

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Back to the grind

The pumpkin pie was barely chilled from Thanksgiving, and we were back out in the yard working on the chicken coop. The decision to get out there was a painful one. Matt and I curled up on the couch, imaging…

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The final stretch?

Seven hours of work in freezing temperatures got us ahead of the curve. Matt and I bundled up in ski pants, winter boots, hats and gloves … and worked until the sun set in the sky. Two cups of hot…

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Installing mesh

Wow, what a day. I’m really loving how I started out with the delusional thought that we’ll come close to finishing the coop. And then reality kicks in, and we accomplished about half of what we set out to do….

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Raising the roof!

The chicken coop is coming together … with a little help from my friends. Today my ¬†grade school buddy Tom came by to help install the metal roof. I hired him a little over a year ago to put on…

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Chicks, man.

In all the hubbub surrounding the chicken coop construction, inevitably the questions turn to the obvious. Chicks, man. What kind are you gonna get? inquiring minds ask. This has taken much more research than determining our coop design. We had…

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Weekend warriors

Our weekend warrior project has proven to have staying power. After a second weekend of work, it appears we have at least one full weekend of sawing and drilling ahead of us. My hope is that we can complete the…

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