Chicken Scratch Fever

Monthly Archives: December 2013

Installing the door

So we installed the door. I’m impossibly excited about it. It looks awesome. I mean, we had an idea it would look good, but now that it’s in place, it just looks so official. We really have a chicken coop…

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Building a door, Part 2

Second time’s a charm. After about two hours of work, Matt and I built a door for the chicken coop. It’s gorgeous. And sturdy. And ready for install. We started out by replacing all the 2-inch screws with 3-inch. Since…

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Building a door, Part 1

So our work on the chicken coop today lasted about 45 minutes. I swear we started out strong. Of the two doors we still need to build on the coop, I decided the one leading into the run area would…

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Inspector’s sneak peek

So this morning, as I was snuggled in with my cup of coffee, I noticed two men clomping through the snow in my neighbor’s yard. They stopped near the back, and pointed at my chicken coop. My heart jumped to…

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Field trip

Seeing that we almost have the chicken coop completed, Matt and I realize we need to start thinking about the actual chickens! We still have lots of preparations before we pick up our baby chicks in February. So today we…

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The nesting box

Never underestimate the power of a dozen doughnuts. That small box from Dutch Girl Donuts on Woodward in Detroit singlehandedly fueled a productive five-hour day on the chicken coop. Today Matt and I worked like a well oiled machine. Each…

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