Chicken Scratch Fever

Monthly Archives: February 2014

Brooder experiment

I had this weekend all planned out. I planned to team up with Matt to build a brooder for the chicks. This is a box where the chicks can grow up safely and warmly inside the house, until they are…

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It’s how cold in the coop?

As the wind blew outside, I looked out the window and shivered. “It’s gotta be cold out there,” I said. “Even for chickens.” Matt asked the temperature. “How cold is it in the coop?” I pulled out my iPhone, and…

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Chicken techno-geek

So I just ordered a gizmo that will allow me to track temperature and humidity in the chicken coop on my iPhone. Yeah, I’m a geek. Originally we had bought a La Cross Solar Powered Wireless Temperature Station. We selected…

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