Chicken Scratch Fever

Monthly Archives: March 2014

Week two: Field trip!

With temperatures above 50 degrees today, we decided to take the chicks on a field trip to see their chicken coop! I packed all three into a cat carrier, and walked them out into the yard. At first they were…

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Discovering the crop

Last night, I gently moved my finger toward a chick and stroked her chest. This in itself was a victory, as the chicks usually run peeping, away from my hands. But as I touched the chick, I felt a lump….

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Week one: Tail feathers!

It’s amazing how much the chicks have grown in just seven days. They have gone from egg-sized balls of fluff, to having almost fully feathered wings and the beginning of teeny tail feathers. They now stand from 4-1/2 to 5…

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The babies are home! After spending the weekend in Cleveland (most of it holed up in a hotel room because poor Matt is awfully sick) we got up early this morning to pick up the chicks. While we were finishing…

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The final countdown

Chicks are just seven days away! We’ve been busy taking care of last-minute details, and prepping the brooder. A couple weeks ago, Matt and I bought a new rabbit hutch that we converted into a brooder. It’s just big enough…

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Meeting our neighbors

When we decided to have backyard chickens, it was clear we needed to include our neighbors. Over time, it came up casually in conversation with the ones who lived on both sides of us, but now that chicks are two…

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