Chicken Scratch Fever

Monthly Archives: June 2014

Week 15: Nite-nite

If I ever had any doubt before, I now know the chickens are in charge. Up until tonight, they were just humoring me. After dinner, I let the girls out for a quick evening stroll in the yard. They sauntered…

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Toe trim trial

The other day as I was watching the girls perch on a homemade jungle gym, I noticed Gigi’s toe nails seemed long. Instead of laying on the surface on the wood, aligned with her toes, the nails seemed to curl…

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Week 14: Chicken sitter

Just as Matt and I got a routine down with the chickens, we decided it might be nice to get away for a long weekend. The biggest dilemma wasn’t where to go, or what to pack. We needed to find…

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Week 13: Geez, it’s hot!

Summer has arrived a couple days early, with scorching hot temperatures. Today it was in the high 80s most of the day, then inching into the low 90s around dinnertime. I kept a close eye on them throughout the day,…

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Week 12: Hey, that’s my foot!

Tap-tap-Tap! Startled, I looked down at my feet to see Nellie pecking away at my turquoise gardening shoe. I know chickens are attracted to the color red. In fact, their feeder and waterer are red, and I’ve had more than…

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Week 11: My, how you’ve grown

After spending a week away from the girls to visit family, I wasn’t sure what I would come to. As the girls ambled out of the coop, I was amazed at what I saw. “My how you’ve grown,” I cooed…

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