Chicken Scratch Fever

Monthly Archives: July 2014

A green egg!

Exactly two days after we received our first eggs from the girls, today we were greeted with another gift. A green egg. I knew Gigi was holding out. With eggs from Nellie and Loretta, it was easy to do the math….

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Week 19: We have eggs!!!

Two eggs in one day? That’s how our first special delivery arrived this evening. As soon and Matt and I got home from work, I went out back for my daily egg check. I wasn’t really expecting anything; the last…

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Week 17: Prepping for eggs!

Tonight, Loretta squatted for me! In chicken-speak, this means she’ll be laying eggs in the next week or so. For some reason, she wouldn’t come out of the coop today. Normally she’s the first one barging through the door. But…

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A dirty little secret (resolved)

It’s a backyard chicken keeper’s worst nightmare. That barnyard smell. For the first month, it was totally fine. Then one hot, muggy day, after a heavy downpour, it arrived. I had to be standing literally at or in the coop,…

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Combs and wattles

In the blink of an eye, my girls are almost grown up! Tonight, as I let them out for their evening stroll, I saw all three are sporting big combs atop their heads. Also, wattles now hang below their chins….

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