Chicken Scratch Fever

Monthly Archives: March 2016

Little Siouxsie Sioux

On the sixth day, I found little Siouxsie Sioux crumpled near the front of the brooder. Not knowing how long she had been out of the heater, I worried about her body temperature. I held her close to me, and…

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An egg???

Every day when I trek up to the chicken coop to collect eggs, I chuckle and remind myself that it’s singular. Egg. My Olive Egger, Gigi, provides a green egg almost every day. But Loretta, our Black Copper Marans, hasn’t…

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More chicks? Yes, please

Chicken math is a funny thing. The punch line is that we always want more, right? Where I live, I am constrained by an ordinance that limits my chicken numbers to four. Oh how I wish I could have six….

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