Chicken Scratch Fever


“Pretty much, almost, exactly.”

After two days of work in the wind, snow and sub-zero temperatures, we are about 95 percent complete with the coop. Our friend Eric showed up Saturday afternoon with pre-cut window frame pieces and a Tupperware container filled with lemon…

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Chick supplies, and customer service surprise

Piece by piece it’s all coming together. Today we received a delivery from Mills Fleet Farm containing three wood nesting boxes for the hens. Technically, we only need one or two for three birds, but I’m hopeful the chickeneers in…

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We ordered chicks!

The order is in, and we will become the parents of three baby chicks the week of March 17. In a stunning turn of events, we ended up switching hatcheries at the last  minute. I was having trouble confirming that…

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Prepping for chicks

While we still things to finish on the coop, today Matt and I refocused on our incoming chicks. With the chicken coop inspection a week away, and chicks expected at the end of February, we figure things are about to…

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Inspection date set!

It’s official! We will have the chicken coop inspected Jan. 29. Yesterday I received a call from Ferndale City Hall asking when I planned to submit my permit application. I was confused since I had just filled out paperwork in…

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Chicks, man.

In all the hubbub surrounding the chicken coop construction, inevitably the questions turn to the obvious. Chicks, man. What kind are you gonna get? inquiring minds ask. This has taken much more research than determining our coop design. We had…

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