Chicken Scratch Fever


More chicks? Yes, please

Chicken math is a funny thing. The punch line is that we always want more, right? Where I live, I am constrained by an ordinance that limits my chicken numbers to four. Oh how I wish I could have six….

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Raising the roof!

The chicken coop is coming together … with a little help from my friends. Today my ¬†grade school buddy Tom came by to help install the metal roof. I hired him a little over a year ago to put on…

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Weekend warriors

Our weekend warrior project has proven to have staying power. After a second weekend of work, it appears we have at least one full weekend of sawing and drilling ahead of us. My hope is that we can complete the…

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Coop construction

After a weekend of hard labor, I am relieved and happy to report that the chicken coop is well under construction. Our hope is to have it completed after one more weekend of work. We started the weekend with high…

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