Chicken Scratch Fever


A new beginning

In many cultures around the world, eggs and — in particular — chicks are symbolic of new life and rebirth. So picking up two new chicks today couldn’t have happened at a better time. In recent days, I have faced…

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The babies are home! After spending the weekend in Cleveland (most of it holed up in a hotel room because poor Matt is awfully sick) we got up early this morning to pick up the chicks. While we were finishing…

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Chick supplies, and customer service surprise

Piece by piece it’s all coming together. Today we received a delivery from Mills Fleet Farm containing three wood nesting boxes for the hens. Technically, we only need one or two for three birds, but I’m hopeful the chickeneers in…

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We ordered chicks!

The order is in, and we will become the parents of three baby chicks the week of March 17. In a stunning turn of events, we ended up switching hatcheries at the last  minute. I was having trouble confirming that…

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Inspection date set!

It’s official! We will have the chicken coop inspected Jan. 29. Yesterday I received a call from Ferndale City Hall asking when I planned to submit my permit application. I was confused since I had just filled out paperwork in…

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