Chicken Scratch Fever


Losing Loretta

I’ve been losing Loretta almost from the beginning. In her first year, she had a short but spectacular laying season. Her rich, deep brown eggs did not disappoint. But midway through the winter break I saw things had gone awry….

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An egg???

Every day when I trek up to the chicken coop to collect eggs, I chuckle and remind myself that it’s singular. Egg. My Olive Egger, Gigi, provides a green egg almost every day. But Loretta, our Black Copper Marans, hasn’t…

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Catching up

A lot has gone down in the last few months. During the summer, I fell ill. Then when my brother came to visit me during my recuperation, he had a heart attack. Suddenly our house was filled with concerned house…

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Toe trim trial

The other day as I was watching the girls perch on a homemade jungle gym, I noticed Gigi’s toe nails seemed long. Instead of laying on the surface on the wood, aligned with her toes, the nails seemed to curl…

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