Chicken Scratch Fever


Coop design

We’re just unpacking from a weekend trip to Kalamazoo to see our friends Eric and Char. We had a wonderful time, eating, and hiking … and talking all things chicken. The great news is that Eric agreed to help us…

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Chickens on the brain (full planning mode)

I’ve got the lyrics to “Chickenman” by the Indigo Girls rolling through my mind. “Chickenman, hold my hand.” But really the song has nothing to do with chickens at all. Goes to show I’ve definitely got chickens on the brain….

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We’re going to have chickens!!!

When I was a cub reporter in Cheboygan, I had a neighbor who kept a dozen hens. Every day I would ¬†walk over and watch as Weyona sang Methodist hymns. Then, one by one, the hens came running. The songs…

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