Prepping for chicks

y we picked up a heat lamp and bulbs, a couple of latches and a baby chick waterer.
Today we picked up a heat lamp and bulbs, a couple of latches and a baby chick waterer.

While we still things to finish on the coop, today Matt and I refocused on our incoming chicks.

With the chicken coop inspection a week away, and chicks expected at the end of February, we figure things are about to start moving fast. We realized we had no choice: It’s time to start multi-tasking our chicken prepping. So we hopped in the truck and headed north to the nearest Tractor Supply Company (about an hour’s drive away).

We scoped out the chicken department and quickly determined that we were not the only ones preparing for babies. The wood nesting boxes (which we really wanted) were sold out, as well as chick-sized feeders. Still, I was able to get a heat lamp and bulbs (which will keep the chicks warm until they can regulate their own temperatures), a chick-sized waterer, a hook latch for inside the chicken run door and a more substantial latch for the lid of the nesting box.

The last item we got: a 10-gallon metal container with locking lid to store the chicken feed. I already ran it out to the coop, and it fits perfectly under the hen house.

We still have a moderate list of things left to do on the coop, but the most important task is to finish building the windows before inspection. Next weekend, that will be our goal.

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  1. I’m also from Ferndale and am setting up for our chicks that we are expecting in early April. We’re ordering from Townline Hatchery in Zeeland, but through Uncle Lukes Feed Store in Troy, on Livernois. That way we are able to order a specific breed, as few as we want, and only have to drive about a half hour away to pick them up. We plan on ordering the Amber Links (a sex link) because I’m concerned about the possibility of ending up with a rooster, and this hybrid can be sexed by color when they hatch.

    We had our coop inspected on January 2nd, and the inspector said all was well with the coop structure and placement, but he called it a rough inspection (we did get our green sticker). It’s a rough inspection because he wants to come back when the chicks are old enough to be placed out in the coop, to make sure that we only have 3, and no roosters of course.

    You may want to check out Uncle Luke’s because they also carry baby chick supplies. Also, we shop at the Tractor Supply in New Hudson. It’s a couple miles further than the one in White Lake, but only takes 30-35 minutes to get to because the majority of the drive is on the freeway.

    Good luck with your inspection! Your coop is very nice!


    1. Thanks so much Stacey! And I appreciate the chick supplier tip. We were planning on going through a hatchery in twin lakes, but I will check out your suggestion for sure.

      Our inspection is a week from Wednesday. I’m very excited. And congrats on passing! I’d love to come out and see your coop sometime!


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