Week four: A breakthrough and bald spots

Lookie ma! I'm on your arm, and I'm not freaking out!!!
Lookie ma! I’m on your arm, and I’m not freaking out!!!

Loretta’s been playing hard to get.


Every time I reach in to pick her up, she runs screaming. Once I have her securely in my hands, she frantically wiggles her wings free and beats them until I put her down. I was convinced she hated me.

Until tonight.

I managed to pick her up, then allowed her to steady herself on my arm. She took to the new perch, and settled. I softly ran my fingers over her back feathers and her tail. Amazingly, she let me.

After a few minutes of this, I gently placed her back in the brooder. Then the unthinkable happened. She let me pet her. I rubbed her chest, and smoothed her black feathers.

Is her wall beginning to crumble?

n see a small bald patch below Nellie's ear. All three chicks have matching spots.
You can see a small bald patch below Nellie’s ear. All three chicks have matching spots.

Bare spots

When I got home tonight, I noticed a bare spot beneath Gigi’s ear. I checked, and she had a matching spot on the other side, as well.

One by one, I looked at each bird, and they all had these small patches beneath their ears.

Of course I worried.

I saw no blood, so I didn’t think they were caused by pecking. And since they all had them, it had to be normal, right?

So I went to BackYardChickens.com, and found nothing in a search. I tried Google. Nothing but balding babies. Then I decided to start my own thread on BYC.

After explaining the situation, and posting a photo of Nellie, I got a quick response.

“That’s completely normal. It will develop into their earlobe as they get older. :)”

And with that, this mama hen promises to stop worrying.

At least for tonight.

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