Chicken Scratch Fever


Chicken acrobatics

“MATT?!?! Can you come downstairs?” I had to scream it three times before he heard me. “I’ve got a chicken on my back!” He found me bent over at the waist, with Gigi proudly perched on top of me. “How…

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Meet Loretta!

The votes were flying in, and we finally have a name for our Black French Copper Marans. Meet Loretta! This name, nominated by Kerry Hamilton Smith, won handily with 26 percent of the votes. Three names tied for second place,…

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Top 10 chick names: The final vote!!

Excitement is in the air. The birds are fluffing their feathers. And one chick in particular is much, much closer to finding her name. Our Black French Copper Marans can’t contain her excitement. The competition was fierce, and right down…

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The names are in! The polls are open.

My little Black French Copper Marans chick asked for help in finding a name, and you delivered! In 24 hours, we received a total of 25 submissions, ranging from sweet French names to Stephen King horror characters. Here’s a roundup…

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What’s in a name?

We have a little black bird who has a simple request. Will you please give me a name? Our Dominique is called Baby Girl. And the Olive Egger’s stage name is Gigi. That leaves the Black French Copper Marans. After…

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