The names are in! The polls are open.

What's that? Did I hear you call my name?
What’s that? Did I hear you call my name?

My little Black French Copper Marans chick asked for help in finding a name, and you delivered!

In 24 hours, we received a total of 25 submissions, ranging from sweet French names to Stephen King horror characters.

Here’s a roundup of some of the insightful comments we received:

  • Knowing that I’m a huge “Pretty in Pink” fan, my brother Bryan Bogater suggested Andie (Molly Ringwald’s character in the film.) “Molly does/did live in France.”
  • Kerry Hamilton Smith: “Loretta. Loretta the setta. Egg setta that is. Plus Loretta seems like a good name for a chicken.”
  • Lisa Rudgers: “French…chocolate colored eggs… All I can think of is Juliette Binoche in ‘Chocolat.’ So perhaps that’s it. Chocolat.”
  • Stacey: “I think you already got it. You called her a nervous Nellie. In my opinion Nellie is a cute name for a chicken.”
  • Mic Stankiewicz: “Kentucky F. Chicken. The F stands for Funky.”

Some fun surprises: Cujo, Barbarella, Pyewacket, Joan Jett and Norma Bates.

All of the name suggestions are awesome, and would suit our little chick well.

Our plan is to whittle this list down to the top 10 names, then put it up for a final vote.

While it may be tempting to vote for the name you sent in, I really hope you will vote for other names on the list.

So now, it’s time to cast your ballot.

This girl needs a name!

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